If you’re getting started with spring cleaning, you may be overwhelmed by the task. Deep cleaning your home is rewarding, and you can feel pride in a job well done. Here are a few tips for cleaning that will help you do a better job in less time.

Declutter Before You Begin Deep Cleaning Your Home

It’s difficult to clean when your home is full of clutter. Before you get started scrubbing an area of the house, make it easier by decluttering. Choose a place to get started and remove everything from the area. Sort items into categories: things to keep, trash, belongings you’ll donate, and items that go elsewhere in the home. Throw out the trash and gather donation items to drop off at a local charity.

Clean From the Top Down

When you’re cleaning your home, work from the top to the bottom. Vacuum your ceilings or wipe them clean before moving on to ceiling fans and door and window frames. The floors will be the last thing you clean because they will accumulate dust and dirt in the process.

Deep Cleaning Your Home Includes the Windows

Choose an overcast day to clean the windows. Too much heat from the sun causes cleaning products to dry quickly, leaving streaks. Clean the windows, inside and out. Use the vacuum to remove cobwebs from the window frame. A microfiber cloth will help collect dust from the window sills. Use a window cleaning solution on the glass and a squeegee to wipe them clean.


The floors should be the last areas you tackle during spring cleaning. Vacuum, sweep, and mop, using an appropriate cleaner for the type of flooring. Use a hand truck to roll your refrigerator and stove away from the wall and clean the floor beneath it. Move the couch, chairs, and beds to vacuum underneath. For a deep clean, rent a carpet cleaning machine to wash carpets and rugs.

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